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Aiming to develop medical science through our business

Kawanishi Kikaiten, the original entity of the Kawanishi Group, was founded in 1921, at a time when Japanese people were beginning to embrace Western medicine. Since that time, the Kawanishi Group has continued to grow by remaining abreast of evolving medical technologies.

Today’s medical landscape is undergoing a variety of changes. Embodying this transformation is the “Japan 2025” model introduced by the Japan Business Federation, which highlights restructuring of the healthcare system, the clinical application of regenerative medicine, and the rapid spread of surgical robots. More than ever before, such changes will highlight the need to provide information that is appropriate from a doctor’s perspective and offer solutions that meet the needs of medical staff. To this end, we focus on cultivating specialized human resources and investing in information systems that will provide us with easy access to technological expertise and academic knowledge.

Moreover, we will keep pushing back frontiers and remain a stable and reliable company for stakeholders, including customers and shareholders. We will continue to act strategically from a global perspective: engaging in medical-engineering collaboration with manufacturers, establishing academic institutions, and exploring new business fields that extend beyond the traditional boundaries of a company handling medical devices. I believe my experience as a medical doctor and a professor at the Okayama University School of Medicine will benefit our efforts in this regard.

“Promptly and appropriately provide the benefits of innovative new functions and new technologies to patients and healthcare facilities.”
The group's corporate philosophy defines our role in this way.

With this mission in mind, we will strive to contribute toward the development of medical science, medical care, and nursing care and to extend healthy life expectancy of the people through our business.

Yohei Maeshima
President and COO

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